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Sign Language:  Word of the day is “Paint

Opening Rhyme:
“Open them, shut them,
Give a little clap!
Open them, shut them,
Now put them in your lap!”

First Book:  Blue Goose by Nancy TafuriBlue Goose

Felt Board: Five Little Paintbrushes

paint 5 little

Five little brushes went out to paint.
One painted white, then ran away in fright.
The second painted red and jumped under the bed.
The third painted green then fled the scene.
The fourth painted black than ran around back.
The fifth painted yellow and felt so mellow,
He invited everyone back to begin again!

(credit:  I think I got this rhyme from a Summer Reading Manual years ago.)

Although I didn’t do the following felt board this time, I’ve done it in the past with slightly older kids. First I put the felt paintbrushes on the board in rainbow order and go over it with the kids.

paint rainbow

Next I tell them to close their eyes.  I turn the board around and remove one paintbrush.  I then recite the following rhyme:

“I know the colors of the rainbow.
Do you know them too?
If one color were missing,
Would you know which hue?”

Then the kids tell me which color is missing.  We do it a few times like this but if you want to really challenge them, you can put the paintbrushes in random order instead of rainbow order.  Then remove one brush and ask them to tell you which one is missing.

Song: “We’re Making Some Purple Paint”

This is actually a twist on a camp song called “We’re Making Some Purple Soup” (I used to be a camp counselor) and I just changed the words to fit my theme.

“We’re making some purple paint,
Whip whip, whip whip              (pretend to stir paint)
We’re making some purple paint,
Shooby dooby do                    (pointer fingers to the sky and do a little dance)
With purple potatoes and purple tomatoes….
And…..”                                    (have kids tell you things they can put in the mix ie. purple socks, grapes, one kid told me to put a purple baby in….)

Mix in whatever they come up with and start the verse over again until your purple paint looks nice and mixed up!

Here’s video of some campers doing the song for reference.

Second Book: Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

mouse paint book

Felt Board:  Mouse Paint

mouse paint

Next I had the kids retell the story as I placed the felt pieces on the board.  As Storytime Katie suggested, I had the kids dance in place at the part of the story where the mice dance in the puddles to make new colors.

Third Book:  I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More by Karen BeaumontI Ain't Gonna Paint No More!

Activity:  We Painted Ourselves!

paintbrush real

Next I gave each child a paint brush and we pretended to paint ourselves just like the character in the book.  I asked kids to give me suggestions on what we should paint next- our ears, our knees, our heads, our backs (grown ups helped with this one)…  Once we were covered in pretend paint I told the kids we should wash it off so we don’t drip puddles everywhere.  We pretend the giant rug on the floor was a cat’s water dish (like in Mouse Paint) and we all jumped in and cleaned off!

Goodbye Song:

Let’s tickle the clouds,
And tickle our toes,
And turn around,
And tickle our nose,
Reach down low,
Reach up high,
Storytime is over,
So wave goodbye!


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