6 thoughts on “Urgent Message

    • Well when you blow in the wand about 1,000 tiny bubbles come out. You can have the entire room filled fairly quick. But most importantly the bubble solution is awesome and the bubbles don’t pop easily. You can catch them on your finger and they won’t pop. I’ve used these bubbles on a Saturday morning and went back into the room on a Tuesday and there were still unpopped bubbles on the floor! So many parent ask me where I got them.

  1. Agreed, these are amazing bubbles–I use them in my baby storytime. I think there’s some sort of plastic-y stabilizer in the bubbles that give them extra staying power. We’ve also found them in our storytime room days later. Plus, if you blow them up towards the ceiling they really linger in the air, creating a bubble wonderland effect. Just have someone check you for bubbles when you’re done, or you could have a bubble stuck in your hair all day. Not that I speak from experience…

  2. Okay, where can you purchase these at? I do the “Time for Two’s” storytime, and my kids go crazy over bubbles. Thanks and God Bless!

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