A Toddler Dance Party Inspired by Fight Club!

Like so many librarians who hold Toddler (or Preschool) Dance Parties, I run into the problem of the adults not dancing!

Some kids will dance no matter what but others look to see what their grown-up is doing and are too timid to dance on their own (I’m totally one of those kids).  I found that Toddler Dance Party is so much more fun for everyone if the adults are really into and willing to look silly by dancing their butts off.  I always make an announcement before we start by saying “We all have more fun if the grown-ups are dancing too.  And I sure don’t want to be the only adult dancing!”  This works sometimes but usually I still have reluctant adults.

So I decided to get hardcore and start cracking skulls! (in my own sweet way).  I posted this sign on our large screen TV and left it up throughout the Dance Party:Toddler Dance 2

It seemed to inspire them.  I’d estimate about a 25% increase in adult dancers.  I’ll take whatever I can get!