A Toddler Dance Party Inspired by Fight Club!

Like so many librarians who hold Toddler (or Preschool) Dance Parties, I run into the problem of the adults not dancing!

Some kids will dance no matter what but others look to see what their grown-up is doing and are too timid to dance on their own (I’m totally one of those kids).  I found that Toddler Dance Party is so much more fun for everyone if the adults are really into and willing to look silly by dancing their butts off.  I always make an announcement before we start by saying “We all have more fun if the grown-ups are dancing too.  And I sure don’t want to be the only adult dancing!”  This works sometimes but usually I still have reluctant adults.

So I decided to get hardcore and start cracking skulls! (in my own sweet way).  I posted this sign on our large screen TV and left it up throughout the Dance Party:Toddler Dance 2

It seemed to inspire them.  I’d estimate about a 25% increase in adult dancers.  I’ll take whatever I can get!

Upcoming Presentation

I’ll be speaking at an upcoming tech camp on the topic of apps and iPads in children’s services.  There will also be presentations on the Central Library of Rochester’s YOUmedia lab and developing a Minecraft program for teens.  If you’re in the Western NY area, I hope you can join us!  Here’s a detailed description of the presentations and a link to register:

The Emerging Technologies Committee of the Monroe County Library System would like to invite you to our February Tech Camp – Programming the Digital Way.  It will be held on Friday, February 7th from 2pm – 5pm at the Brighton Memorial Library.

This Tech Camp will be entirely dedicated to Children’s and Teen Technology Services.

Apps and eBooks in Storytimes and Library Programs
Tablets have been revolutionizing education, and libraries are close behind! Learn how to easily implement apps and ebooks into the traditional library storytime structure. Exciting and low cost library programs using educational apps and games will also be covered.

Central Library’s YOUmedia
Get a sneak peek at the Central Library’s YOUmedia teen and tween digital lab space. See how teens can use technology for creative self-expression through digital media with video creation, audio production, and digital photography.

Minecraft is a popular new online game that allows players to build and share immense creations such as buildings, structures, and geographic landscapes. It’s the 21st Century’s answer to Legos. Learn how libraries are using Minecraft to connect with children, tweens, and teens, and promote fun collaborative projects using library technology.

We hope that you can join us – please register for this Tech Camp.

I’m Back….hopefully!

After a long (and unplanned) hiatus from blogging I hope to be adding new posts ASAP.

Over the past few months I’ve been doing tons of storytimes but haven’t had a free moment to post them.  I’m sure a lot of you children’s librarians out there can relate to feeling overwhelmed at times and stretched too thin (but still loving your job!).

I hope there are others out there that feel like that.  Otherwise, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!