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Sign Language: We learned the sign for “quiet” and repeated it throughout storytime.

First Book:  Ninja! by Arree Chung Ninja!

Felt Board: Five Little Ninjas

Ninjas 5

5 little ninjas creeping through the door,
One said HIYAH, and then there were four.
4 little ninjas, climbing up a tree,
One said HIYAH, and then there were three.
3 little ninjas with nothing to do,
One said HIYAH, and then there were two.
2 little ninjas, having so much fun.
One said HIYAH, and then there was one.
1 little ninja, on the run.
He said HIYAH, and then there were none.

(Source: Falling Flannelboards)

Song:  Ninja, Ninja Sneak Around

Ninja, ninja – sneak around.
Ninja, ninja – roll on the ground.
Ninja, ninja – climb up high.
Ninja, ninja – touch the sky.
Ninja, ninja – jump down low.
Ninja, ninja – touch your toe.

(Source: Storytime With Miss Mollie)

Second Book:  Nightime Ninja by Barbara DeCosta Nighttime Ninja

Felt Board:  Ninja Made from Shapes

Do you see a ninja? I do.
To make a ninja, first we need a head.
This one is round and red.
The rectangle will make a space,
Just big enough for a peeking out face.
Next we’ll add two small circles for eyes
And two tiny rectangles, to make our ninja look surprised!ninja shape 1ninja shape 2ninja shape 3ninja shape 4

Song: If You’re a Ninja and You Know It!

If you’re a ninja and you know it,
Be really quiet.  (Shhh!)
If you’re a ninja and you know it,
Be really quiet.  (Shhh!)
If you’re a ninja and you know it,
then your face will surely show it.
If you’re a ninja and you know it,
Be really quiet.  (Shhh!)

Contine with:
If you’re a ninja and you know it…walk on tip toe (Tip Toe)
If you’re a ninja and you know it…say HIYAH (HIYAH!)

Third Book:  Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop! by Todd TuellNinja, Ninja, Never Stop!

Activity:  Ninja Memory Game

You can’t do a ninja themed storytime without at least mentioning the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  I decided to incorporate them into a fun matching activity.  I made cards then laminated them and put velcro on each side.  One side of each card had and image of a turtle shell (a different color for each card) and the other side had an image of one of the ninja turtles.  I made sure that I made two Michelangelo’s, two Donatello’s, etc…. so that we could play a matching game.  Here’s some pictures:

ninja memoryninja memory 2

I asked the kids which color card I should turn over and we played the memory game until we found all the matches.  I wish I had written the names of each ninja turtle under their faces but didn’t think of that until after I laminated them.  Oh well.

For fun: Ninja Head Bands

Another idea I thought of after the fact:  I created simple ninja head bands out of paper towels.  Next time I do a ninja themed storytime I’ll give one to each kid at the start so we can pretend to be ninjas!

ninja head band 2Ninja Head band

4 thoughts on “Ninjas

  1. This is super adorable! I’ve always thought about doing a ninja storytime (especially after “Dojo Daycare” came out this year) and this might just give me the spark to put the plan in motion!

  2. Thanks Katie! There have been a bunch of fun ninja books published lately. I like to read the Three Ninja Pigs to second graders who come to my library on a field trip but it was a little too long for my toddler/preschool crowd. I haven’t read Dojo Daycare yet but it looks super cute!

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