I recently got the book Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman and thought it would be fun to use in a sneeze themed storytime.

Rhyme Cube: click here for description

Sign Language:  word of the day was “Sneeze

Opening Rhyme:  “Open them, shut them…”

First Book:  One Day in the Jungle by Colin West

Flannel Board:  Baa-choo!

I got this great idea for a felt board from the Read It Again! blog.  It’s based on the book Baa-choo! by Sarah Weeks.  Here are the felt pieces I made to go along with the story:BaaShoo

Check out the Read it Again! blog for the text of the story.  I free handed the felt pieces and made some patterns.

Sheep pattern

Hen pattern

Pig pattern

Song:  Sneezing Song

I think I’m going to sneeze, ah-choo!
I think I’m going to sneeze, ah-choo!
Will you pass the tissue please,
I think I’m going to sneeze, ah-choo!

(song taken from Tell Me a Story wiki)

Second Book:  Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman

Flannel Board:  Five Hungry Ants

This idea came from The Wielded Pen – Children’s Corner.

Here’s the rhyme:

Five hungry ants marching in a line,

Came across a picnic where they thought they could dine.

They marched into the salad,

They marched into the cake,

They marched into the pepper,

Oh-huh!  That was a mistake – Achooo!  (throw one of the ants away – continue until there are no ants left)

Here’s a picture of my felt pieces:ants

Song: I’ve Got Five Boogers In My Nose

This song is super silly!  I found it on the Read it Again! blog.  Before we sang the song, I asked the kids what they did when they had boogies in their nose.  I said “Do you pick your nose?”  ewww, yuck, no!  “Do you wipe your nose on your sleeve?  ewww, yuck, no!  “If you have boogies you need a tissue and you blow your nose!”  I gave each child a tissue and told them to pretend to blow their nose when we sang our song.  Here are the lyrics:

(to the tune of “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands”)

I’ve got 5 boogers in my nose.
I’ve got 5 boogers in my nose.
I’ve got 5 boogers in my nose.
I better give it a blow.

Repeat with 4, 3, 2, 1.

Third Book:  Barn Sneeze by Karen B. Winnick

This story was the favorite of the day.  The kids caught on early that each animal has a distinct sounding sneeze and joined me in all the sneezing!

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