Getting Dressed

This week we did a storytime all about getting dressed.  It’s also kind of a winter themed storytime because a couple of the books are about getting dressed up warm to go play in the snow.

Rhyme Cube: Click here for description.

Sign Language:  We learned the word “clothes” and repeated it often.

Opening Rhyme: “Open them, shut them…”

First Book: The Jacket I Wear In the Snow by Shirley Neitzel


“Hickory dickory dock,

Let’s put on our socks. (pretend to put on socks)

We’ll walk around, without a sound,

When we put on our socks!”

(repeat with other words in place of “walk” – march, jump, tiptoe…)

(rhyme from Preschool Express)

Second Book:  Ella Sarah Gets Dressed by Margaret Chodos-Irvine

Flannel Board: Bear Gets Dressed

I got this idea from a book (honestly I don’t remember the title because I made this flannel board so long ago).  I put the bear on the board and tell the kids he needs help getting dressed.  I show the kids his socks and say something like “I know socks go on your hands so I’ll put these on Bear’s hands.”  I put the socks on his hands and the kids all laugh and tell me that his socks go on his feet.  So I move the socks to his feet and say “I think you’re right!”  I play dumb all along until we get bear fully dressed.  I put his pants on his head, his shirt on his knees, his shoes on his ears (they love this one), and his hat on his nose.  Each time the kids laugh and me and tell me the correct way.  It’s a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures:

This is bear and his clothes-

bear clothes

This is bear after we’ve put most of his clothes on.  Silly me, I put his shoes on his ears!

bear clothes 2

Third Book:  Hello Snow! by Hope Vestergaard

Song:  “If You’re Wearing Red…”

I found this song at Perfectly Preschool.

(to the tune of: if your happy and you know it)
If you are wearing red, Shake your head,
If you are wearing red, Shake your head,
If you are wearing red,
Then please shake your head.
If you are wearing red, shake your head.

Others: Blue, touch your shoe
Black, pat your back
Green, bow like a queen
Yellow, Shake like Jell-O
Brown, Turn around
Pink, give us a wink.

Flannel Board:  Sorting Socks

I got this awesome idea from Miss Mary Liberry.

I didn’t have as much white flannel as she did so I covered my “dryer” in white poster board instead. The dryer is made of an empty tissue box and the socks are made out of flannel.  I put all the socks in the dryer ahead of time and then pulled them out one at a time and the kids helped me pair them up to make matches.  One of my storytimes was a small group this week so I let the kids take turns pulling the socks out.  For my other storytimes with bigger numbers I pulled the socks out and had the kids tell me if we had a match yet.



Additional silliness:  I also made some flannel underwear and put that in the dryer.  When I pulled that out I said something like “This is a pair of underwear!  How did this get in my load of socks!”  The kids thought that was really funny.  Here’s the underwear:


2 thoughts on “Getting Dressed

  1. Hee! I love the addition of the underwear! Silly stuff is the best. Glad the sorting socks game worked out for you! – Miss Mary

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