Another Favorite Storytime App

The first app I ever used during storytime was an animal sounds app and I got the idea from this Storytiming blog post.

The app mentioned in the above link no longer works (there seems to be a glitch and the developer hasn’t issued an update) but I’ve found another animal sounds app the works perfectly.

iPad App:  Animal Sounds – Fun Toddler Game by Innovative Mobile Apps


This app is a lot of fun and really simple.   I’ve used it in a few storytimes and the kids never get bored with it.

I hold the iPad facing me and tell the kids to guess what animal is making the noise.  I say this rhyme:

“There’s someone in my garden,

Whoever can it be?

There’s someone in my garden,

Let’s listen, then see.”

I then tap on an animal from the homescreen.  It looks like this:

animal sounds app1

When you tap on an animal that animal’s sound will automatically be activated and the screen will change to an image of the animal. For example, if you choose the dog you will hear a bark and see this screen:

animal sounds app2

The kids will all shout out their guesses and then your can turn the iPad around to show if they guessed correctly.

This particular animal sounds app works really well in storytime because 1. It has large clear images of the animals (there are actually two images per animal so you can choose the one you like best).  2. You can repeat the animal noise by clicking on the repeat button on the upper right corner of the screen  (in case the kids want to hear it again before guessing).  3. The name of the animal is written in bold font at the bottom of the screen.

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